Why can't I stream sound from my Android device to my hearing aids?

Learn more about how Android devices can stream audio to different types of hearing aids.

Before you start

The way to stream sound depends on your Android device and your hearing aid model.

Our newest hearing aids can stream audio and make and receive hands-free calls when paired with Android phones or tablets via a SoundClip-A accessory, which turns your hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset.

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Compatibility guide

See which phones can stream sound to your hearing aids, and which need a SoundClip-A to enable streaming.

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How to stream sound from your Android device

Find out whether you need to use a SoundClip-A or if your Android device supports direct streaming with ASHA.

Pair your Android device with your hearing aids.

The instrument will play a jingle through the earpiece as it starts up. Hold the earpiece close to your ear to listen for the jingle.