Better hearing with Bernafon hearing aids

Hearing connects us to other people and to our lives

Our sense of hearing is a vital, yet often undervalued. Hearing issues can be easy to ignore or downplay. Sharing the experiences of other people who have overcome hearing loss can help us understand how important hearing is to our quality of life.

A lot to concentrate on

A spirited aviator, John takes to the clouds to get a feel of just how flat the Dutch landscape is. But it’s not all play – weather, altitude and surrounding traffic need constant monitoring. And to make for a smooth flight, effective communication with the co-pilot and the control tower is important from take-off to touchdown. With technology that performs in most challenging listening environments, his Bernafon hearing aids give him improved speech understanding and attenuation of unpleasant noise, even 5,000 feet above the ground.

Optimal speech understanding

Bernafon’s latest-generation hearing aids give priority to conversations. Packed with smart signal processing technologies, they amplify speech and reduce noise with remarkable accuracy. This helps speech understanding – even in situations involving multiple speakers.

Stories from people with hearing loss

When communicating with clients and architects it is very important for me to understand what is being said. (…) thanks to Bernafon hearing aids, I can perceive what is being spoken again - normally.

Dietmar Ludewig
Independent craftsman, Switzerland

Compared to other products that I've worn before, my Bernafon hearing aids have given me a better perception of sound diversity.

Virginie Delalande
Lawyer, coach, and motivational speaker, France

Bit by bit, I’m hearing better and better, I’m well adapted to working in everyday life, and with people.

Jean-François Bérard
Head chef, France

Without Bernafon hearing aids I wouldn’t be able to fly, because I wouldn’t be able to communicate with my co-pilot or the tower, and this hobby wouldn’t be possible for me.

John Guttink
Amateur pilot, Netherlands

Wearing the Bernafon hearing aids I can hear the birds, the planes going over head - everything sounds so clear.

Alan Robinson
City councilor, England