Make your hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset with SoundClip-A and enjoy hands-free phone conversations. You can also lend this versatile accessory to another person and transmit their voice to your hearing aids – ideal for very noisy situations. What’s more, SoundClip-A can remotely control your hearing aids, enabling you to adjust the volume and answer incoming calls.
SoundClip-A is necessary to enable some phones and devices to stream music and audio to your hearing aids.

Enable sound streaming

Some hearing aids require SoundClip-A to stream sound from phones and other devices.

Enjoy hands-free calls

Some hearing aids require SoundClip-A to enable hands-free calls from phones and other devices. SoundClip-A clips onto your lapel and captures your voice.

Helpful extra microphone

Clip SoundClip-A onto the lapel of another person to transmit their voice directly to your hearing aids.

Control your hearing aids

Answer incoming calls and adjust your hearing aid volume with the touch of a button on SoundClip-A.

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