Entra A BTE 105

A modern, behind-the-ear style from Bernafon’s line of affordable hearing aids. The Entra A BTE 105 suits most types of hearing loss, and has a large, double push-button that makes it easy to use. Its standard features help you understand speech in noisy situations. Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology allows you use these hearing aids like wireless headphones, to stream phone calls, music and other audio sources directly into your ears.

Available colors:

Proven performance and unique value

Sound processing technology analyses and adapts to the sounds around you, for optimal speech understanding in fast-changing environments.

Stream music and audio

Play podcasts, music, TV audio and more through your hearing aids’ speakers, when you connect to your phone and other devices via Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology.

Simple disposable batteries

Enjoy up to a week of usage before you need to change your batteries, and simply insert new ones when the old ones run out.

Treats tinnitus

Play soothing sounds that mask and reduce the effect of tinnitus on your life, using Tinnitus SoundSupport in the Bernafon App.

Bernafon App

Control your hearing aids and more from the convenience of your phone. Our easy-to-use app enables you to quickly adjust the volume of your hearing aids, change the program to suit your situation, or check your battery level. You can also fine-tune the sound when streaming music or entertainment audio, using the streaming equalizer.
The perfect partner for your Bernafon hearing aids, the app also becomes a link to your hearing care professional, allowing them to remotely fine-tune your hearing aids in real time.

*Certain app features are only available for select hearing aids.

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