Alpha miniRITE T R

A discreet and rechargeable hearing aid style with a built-in telecoil. It gives the best sound without compromise, and lets you easily control the volume and program using a double push-button or the Bernafon App. Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth® technology, this hearing aid enables you to make hands-free calls, stream music and audio, and connect to other devices and accessories.

Available colors:

Hybrid Technology

Like a hybrid car, two outstanding technologies can act independently or in tandem to give you natural sound even in difficult listening situations.

Stream music and audio

Play podcasts, music, TV audio and more through your hearing aids’ speakers, when you connect to your phone and other devices via Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology.

Recharge conveniently overnight

Wake up to plenty of power each morning and enjoy the simplicity of never having to change batteries – simply seat your hearing aids in a charger when you take them off at bedtime.

Treats tinnitus

Play soothing sounds that mask and reduce the effect of tinnitus on your life, using Tinnitus SoundSupport in the Bernafon App.

Enjoy hands-free phone calls

Connect to your phone for calls where your hearing aids pick up your voice, leaving your hands free. You can also stream podcasts, music, TV sound and more to your hearing aids’ speakers from your phone and other devices via Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology.

Surprisingly small and discreet

These sleek hearing aids are very light and about the size of a small cashew nut, at just 2.6 cm long (1 in) and 1 cm wide (0.39 in).

A choice of listening programs

Customized listening programs are tailored precisely to your hearing needs. These allow you to select one that will help you hear the best – whether you’re in nature, in a crowded café, or at a music concert.

Bernafon App

Control your hearing aids and more from the convenience of your phone. Our easy-to-use app enables you to quickly adjust the volume of your hearing aids, change the program to suit your situation, or check your battery level. You can also fine-tune the sound when streaming music or entertainment audio, using the streaming equalizer.
The perfect partner for your Bernafon hearing aids, the app also becomes a link to your hearing care professional, allowing them to remotely fine-tune your hearing aids in real time.

*Certain app features are only available for select hearing aids.

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