Problems connecting to other devices

Find solutions to different issues related to connecting your hearing aids with phones and other devices.

If you’re having connection issues, there are several things you can do to make it easier for your devices to connect with your hearing aids.

Before you start

Compatibility guide
See which phones will work with your hearing aids

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Download the Bernafon app You need the Bernafon app to use the "Find My Hearing Aids" feature.

Download the Bernafon app for iOS
Download the Bernafon app for Android

How to resolve connection issues

Reconnect through the Bluetooth® menu.

For Android devices, if the connection is lost to one or both hearing aids, you can try to reconnect through the Bluetooth menu on your device.

Go to > Settings > Bluetooth.

Tap the name of your hearing aids on the list.

Turn Bluetooth off and then on again.

This forces your phone or device to reconnect with your hearing aids, which can improve the quality of the connection.

Restart your hearing aids.

Restarting your hearing aids will put them in pairing mode for about three minutes, which should force a reconnection.

Restart the Bernafon App.

Shut the app down as you normally stop apps on your phone, and then open the app again.


Re-pair your hearing aids through the Bernafon App.

For Android devices, you can pair again using the Bernafon App.

Open the app.

Go to > Hearing Aids > Pair new hearing aids > Unpair Current > Pair now.

How to avoid connection issues

You need to allow the app to access your location to find your hearing aids.

Keep your hearing aids paired to one device only.

Having your hearing aids paired to more than one device can cause disconnections, as your hearing aids can struggle to find out which device they should connect to.

Ensure your hearing aids are only connected to one mobile device at a time (e.g. either your tablet or your phone)

Remove unnecessary Bluetooth pairings.

Having other Bluetooth devices paired with your phone or device can interfere with the connection between your hearing aids and phone. We recommend keeping as few Bluetooth devices as possible paired with your phone.

Ensure your phone or tablet’s software is up to date.

Connectivity improvements are regularly provided through software updates, which also fix bugs and issues with your phone’s software. Check that your phone has the latest version of software available for it.

Go to > Settings > Software update.

If your phone shows there is an update available, install it.

Clear your Bluetooth cache.

This can often improve the overall ability of your phone to connect to other devices such as your hearing aids.

The instructions may vary depending on your phone model.

Go to phone Settings.

Go to Apps or Apps & Notifications.

Select Your apps or Show system apps.

Go to Bluetooth.

Tap Force Stop and then OK.

Tap Storage.

Tap Clear cache.

Open the app.

Pair your hearing aids with your device again.

Note for Android phones with Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA):

When pairing Bernafon Alpha hearing aids with an ASHA-capable phone through the app, the native direct streaming (ASHA) is also automatically made available. This is the recommended way to use ASHA functionality.

Please don’t use the Android native Bluetooth functionality to connect ASHA.