How to unpair hearing aids from Apple devices

Making your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer forget your hearing aids or other devices can be useful. Sometimes, clearing pairings on your Apple device and then re-pairing them can solve connection problems.

Clearing a pairing on an iPhone or iPad

On your Apple device, ensure Bluetooth® is on.

Go to > Settings > Bluetooth.

Select the device you want to unpair.

Go to > Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices.

Tap Forget this device.

Clearing a pairing on a Mac computer

On your macOS computer, open System Settings under the Apple menu.

Select the Apple icon at the top left of your screen and navigate to System Settings.

Navigate to Hearing Devices.

Go to System Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Hearing Devices.

Delete your hearing aids.

Select your hearing aids on the Hearing Devices screen.

Select Forget this device.