Bernafon App

Take full advantage of the modern hearing experience with the Bernafon mobile app! Simply download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and customize the settings of your hearing aids to suit your needs.

Get discreet control of your hearing aids

The easy-to-use Bernafon hearing aid app makes everyday life easier. Get more ways to control, personalise, and support your hearing aid experience – all discreetly at your fingertips.


Download the Bernafon app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and customize your hearing aids to perfectly suit your needs. Enjoy crystal-clear sound and complete control over your hearing experience wherever you are.

Easy, discreet control

With a tap of your screen, you can discreetly adjust your hearing aid volume, change programs, and control other settings. The app is intuitive to use and works on smartphones, tablets, and Apple Watch.

Confidence with Hearing Coach

Get off to a good start with your hearing aids. The Hearing Coach feature lets you set goals for how long you wear your hearing aids and helps you and your hearing care professional monitor your success.

Personalised sound

Fine-tune the sounds you hear throughout your day and when you’re streaming music or other audio. You can adjust different frequency settings independently, to make your hearing aids sound just the way you like.

Hands-free communication

With iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, you can use your Bernafon hearing aids as a hands-free headset to make and receive calls. Once you’ve linked your phone with your hearing aids using the app – you can accept, reject, and end calls with a simple tap on your hearing aids.

Remote fitting and support

Get counselling, support, or remote fine-tuning of your hearing aids – all from the convenience of home. You can connect with your hearing care professional directly through the app for online consultations using the Remote Fitting feature.

Help that keeps you going

The Bernafon App also helps you in all kinds of ways that make your day easier. You can see how much battery power your hearing aids have left at a glance, locate your hearing aids on a live map any time you misplace them, and more.