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Rooted in Bern, Switzerland, Bernafon has developed and engineered hearing systems for more than 60 years. Take a closer look into our pioneer company's entrepreneurial history.

60 years of success in the development of hearing systems
And Bernafon's tradition continues. It's pioneer role and innovative character will have a distinguishing influence on tomorrow's hearing instrument industry, too.

Year Company Milestone
2009 Foundation of a sales company in Finland.
2006 60 year anniversary of Bernafon Hearing Systems.
2003 Foundation of a sales company in the Netherlands.
2001 Founding of a sales company in Poland.
2000 Bernafon takes over the Canadian hearing instrument company Dahlberg Sciences Ltd., in Kitchener.
1996 Founding of sales companies in Japan, Denmark and Sweden.
1995 The Ascom Audiosys Group is taken over by the Danish William Demant Holding A/S.
The company is renamed Bernafon. The group establishes its main headquarters with development and research and international marketing and sales in Bern.
1992 Ascom Audiosys AG takes over the hearing instrument activities of Robert Bosch GmbH, Berlin.
1991 Ascom Audiosys AG wins the contract to supply "Australian Hearing Services".
1986 Gfeller AG merges with Autophon and is integrated into the Ascom group. The hearing instrument activities are collected in the newly founded Ascom Audiosys AG.
1986 Gfeller AG takes over the well-known U.S. manufacturer Maico Hearing instruments Inc. in Minneapolis, USA.
1946 Market introduction of the first hearing instrument that was developed and produced by Gfeller AG.
1924 Founding of Gfeller AG in Flamatt (FR), development and production of electromechanical devices.
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